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Australian born and bred. I have an IT background. BSc Computer Science and Software Engineering. Master of Project Management and Business Administration (Computing). Living in Brisbane. Married with children. I've been a 'tinkerbell' on the www since the early 1990's. Have seen it grow and change with the explosive takeover and pervasive power of social media. Facebook in particular has become so big - first as a way to stay in touch with others, but now also as a marketing platform second to none, and as a sales tool which will one day make eBay and gumtree (Australia's free to advertise second-hand marketplace) obsolete (confident prediction) globally. I have had stronger opinions on life as I have gotten older - makes sense really - on what it takes to navigate relationships, to be happy, to feel valued, to be engaged with and generous to others. I am using this site to have my say, share my thoughts, and of course to make some affiliate commissions from advertisements.

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