Clickbank as an Affiliate Program

Clickbank’s Affiliate Program

I’m a Clickbank Affiliate and I love the program. It’s my bread and butter. Much of the stuff promoted on this site is from Clickbank as you will have noticed. It’s one of the easiest and most satisfying ways to make money. It works. It pays awesome returns for your efforts. You can promote with or without your own website. I totally recommend getting some help from Clickbank’s University as well. It will stimulate your ideas, get you in the right frame of mind and offer you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are following the best advice from experts who have vetted and proven them time and again. They will help you to map out your path, to minimise your loss of money and time towards your first and continuing success.

As an affiliate you will choose seller programs and promotional campaigns in line with the allowed terms and conditions of the program that you are comfortable with. You will research or use them yourself so you have something intelligent and genuine to say about them, say a few words about it on your website or via social media (only if this form of advertising is allowed by the seller’s terms and conditions), ADD your unique Affiliate Link, and away you go! Easy peasy!

The simplest way to start  is to become an affiliate, however, you could become a seller if you have a unique informational product to offer and need help marketing it. If this is the case then becoming a Clickbank Seller can open all sorts of financial rewards for you! Clickbank University will cover everything you need for success with this option as well.

If you wish to become a Clickbank Affiliate or Seller, then point 1 below is necessary, while point 2 is optional but strongly recommended:

1. Open a Clickbank Affiliate Account

The process is easy to follow and you’ll soon have your own ID to either promote the heck out of other people’s merchandise, or think about selling your own.

2. Join Clickbank University

You don’t have to do this. I joined Clickbank years ago before it’s University existed and learned everything I know the hard way. If I’d had a choice back then to learn directly from the pros, from Clickbank’s own mentoring team, I would have chosen it.

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