eBay as a Seller Platform

eBay as a Seller Platform

If you are looking for some quick cash for any reason, you could have a garage sale of a weekend, place an add to sell something you no longer need in the local newspaper, post an adhoc advertisement to eBay (I’ve got some up there right now for DVD movies I’ve had for years and don’t watch any more – tastes change 🙂 ), post an ad on your local Facebook Marketplace or place an ad in Australia’s Gumtree which is owned by eBay, but was and remains a free platform for neighborhood sales, provided you stick to standard options. Facebook has made really good headway into this space in a very short amount of time, and is also free. You wouldn’t use a paid service to sell garage-sale type stuff, unless there was a significant advantage, or you had no other choice. But you do have choices. For adhoc sales, you are well and truly covered for local sales by Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree here in Australia. That’s great, and free, and you might even use these seller platforms for regular sales if you were an established business, however, if you are going to sell in significant and regular volumes, eBay, whilst charging for your sale transaction along with PayPal fees, nevertheless has some distinct advantages in structure, market reach, accountability, label printing for tracked shipping and buyer and seller protection  so you get better structure for more control over larger volumes to maintain quality delivery to customers. Even Coles, one of Australia’s largest grocery retailers, is on eBay.

If you’d like to become an ebay affiliate selling other people’s products, sign up here.

If you’d like to become a seller, ebay has all the learning material you could possibly wish for, right here.

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