Michael Yardney

Michael Yardney – A Credible Proven Property Investment Guru

Michael Yardney is another credible Aussie with a proven track record in just about all areas of property investment. He has authored several books and is author or a wonderful regular newsletter delivering nuggets of information that could make you very rich. This book is a property investment classic and a #1 Best Seller. It is a ‘Plain English’ guide from an insider with decades of experience. It offers a step-by-step action to produce real wealth, explains how to buy property with no money out of your own pocket and other advanced strategies that are now within reach of studious beginners. I recommend it to you with no reservation. Here is Michael in one of his weekly ‘Property Insiders’ presentations.

(A new edition is expected September 2020. If you prefer, you can pre-order it here).

Grow a Property Portfolio in your Spare Time
Michael Yardney - A Multi-million portfolio in your spare time

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