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Become an Amazon Seller

Amazon has an affiliate program also. Possibly the biggest in the world. I’m an Amazon affiliate. Signing up is easy. In Australia you can register as an affiliate here. The commissions are fair but you’ll need to sell a lot more of other people’s merchandise or some bigger ticket items to make the kind of returns Clickbank offers per affiliate sale. Note that Clickbank products tend to be more educational and electronic whereas with Amazon, you can literally sell anything that can be physically shipped. Most of the books on this page are linked to Amazon Australia via my Amazon affiliate ID.

Where the real money is with Amazon though, is in being an Amazon Seller. Having your own product, your own brand and a good understanding of marketing and SEO can see you making incredible money, the kind that dreams are made of. You probably need some help with this though. In Australia, there are two third-party Amazon FBA coaching programs worthy of  mention, that rival each other for adventurers like you, seeking to take on their own online marketing brands. They are Adam Hudson’s Reliable Education and Neil Asher’s Aussie Online Entrepreneurs. There’s a mother in Sydney named Stacy who has tried both of them and has an interesting and unbiased report that you might want to read. I agree with her assessment, though I have only experienced Neil Asher’s AOE program personally.

I’ve seen the free series of videos from Adam Hudson but I could never bring myself to spend the kind of money needed to join his Reliable Education mentoring club. Neil’s program is a lot more affordable and very thorough. You can join on a monthly basis and quit whenever you like. I quit after completing the training program and accessing all the resources to set myself up. Of course, it is only worth it if you get serious about it and take action, as with anything in life. You’ll get a lot of valuable information on becoming an Amazon Seller at Amazon Central’s Seller University but they won’t help you with product research, supply chain – resourcing suppliers and manufacturers overseas, import pitfalls, insurance and all the twists and turns that go with learning what product is selling at the moment and how to make a branded version of your own and sell it successfully on Amazon. Perhaps you have your own unique best seller already? Otherwise, it is best to have someone holding your hand who is an expert and can genuinely assist you. For me the choice is Neil Asher and his Aussie Online Entrepreneurs program. Neil is an Aussie but be prepared for his British accent and British humour which can be quite rash at times. If you don’t bruise easily, you may find it refreshing because it is always real. You will notice Neil’s program is promoted on Clickbank 🙂 .

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