Tony Robbins - 7 Steps To Financial Freedom
Money - Master the Game
  • Perhaps the world’s most respected motivational speaker and coach.
  • This book is one of my favourite money books, and I recommend it to you, whole-heartedly.
  • The younger you are the better for implementing true wealth – that is a given, but at the same time, you are NEVER too old to implement good financial habits into your daily life, and to do your best to ensure that your children do the same. Remember that your children learn from what you DO, not from what you say.
  • Tony has researched to the nth degree for this beautiful book, collaborating with all the great names you would expect to find in a genuine study on mastering personal finances.
  • There’s a wealth of additional resources in this book as well. I won’t ruin the surprise :).
  • Start becoming wealthy, the right way
  • The world’s most trusted motivator
  • YOU are never too old to learn
  • Pass it on to your children

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