Conversations about Health, Wealth, Wisdom and Nobility.


My name is Richard, aka Nexus. Nexus Gifts is a sole-trading affiliate website. I make click commissions if you follow any google advertisement links from this page, and sales commissions if you follow other affiliate links to suggested information or product sources and make a subsequent purchase. These commissions fund site maintenance and add commercial value to this online marketing hobby I have enjoyed for over 20 years now.

Nexus Gifts has been around for a few years, in my hands, and used to be an affiliate site for all things “Australian” with a high focus on Aussie animals and birds – souvenirs. In April 2019, I changed the site content to what you see here. At the time I write this and in its current form, this site is extremely young. I continue to construct and populate site areas daily, slowly :), so if you have an interest in our topics, check back often, please comment on posts, set up an account when that feature is available, and sign up to our newsletter when it comes out. I value your thoughts and look forward to your participation.

I want Nexus Gifts to be a collaborative learning environment for self-improvement in these areas of life – Health, Wealth, Wisdom and Nobility. Wise people never stop learning because “knowledge is power” – knowledge diminishes ignorance and improves any decision-making process leading to change. Nobility fits in by providing integrity as honesty, kindness and bravery, which, when applied to wealth, with appropriate knowledge, can make lasting positive change not only in your life and mine, but also in the lives of those around us – the ones we care about and those that learn by sharing our experiences, interacting with us.

Why is that a crock of corny sales lines? Because it makes me feel wary saying it. It is SO important to me that I do not come across as “preachy”, because I’m just like you – in need and desiring of healthy discussions on life, the universe, and everything that makes us better and improves our existence. It is most definitely NOT about what and who is right or wrong. Right and wrong are either personal beliefs, community ethical norms or accepted civil rights, and we are not here to go there. Our conversations are instead, about learning new ways to IMPROVE our health, wealth, wisdom and nobility.

When it comes to topics as BIG as Health, Wealth, Wisdom and Nobility (honesty, kindness, bravery), I am no leader and do not pretend to be. I am no professional when it comes to medicine – natural or manufactured. I am not a trained psychologist or philosopher with a right to claim any insight or view to be true. I am only a seeker of knowledge, a seeker of truth with relevance to our human condition and improvement of it. So, please don’t look up to me or take what I say as “final”. I do not want that. Just talk to me, and in doing so, we both will gain something from a respectful exchange of ideas and beliefs in these areas. If you believe you are “right” about something and want to convert everyone else, you are missing the point of this site and will not gain a lot from it I think.

No one on this site, myself included can level abusive opinions at others. That is destructive and will not be tolerated. We want positive outlooks and respectful engagements, always. You are safe here if you remain a seeker. Becoming a preacher severely restricts your ability to see the perspective of others, and therefore your ability to learn, and nullifies any positive reason you may have for being here.

I’ve heard it said that there’s a truth in all areas of life, and that it cannot be denied. The trouble with that is that once you set yourself up with “all knowledge” on a point, you cease to seek and begin to judge others. Your learning stalls and so does your happiness. Much better it is to have an opinion, even a very strong one, even “the truth”, and still be willing to listen, to share, to allow others to come to their own “truth” the same way you did. If that awareness of truth does not separate you from fellow seekers, does not turn you into a judge rather than a servant and colleague that others can benefit from, then I want you to share it with us so we can all listen, participate and learn. It may be wise, it may be true, but if it leads you to believe you have nothing more you need to learn, then it doesn’t forward an acceptance of diversity or a tolerance of differences, which is a primary goal here at Nexus Gifts.

I hope for, would love, to have a conversation with you, and learn something from YOUR point of view! That’d be awesome! That’d be cool. That’d make all the effort, worthwhile, and this site something to be proud of in a very humble way.

About April 11, 2019