Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler - Bluey)
Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler - Bluey)

Blue Heeler – “Bluey”

The Australian Cattle Dog

Interesting Facts

As iconic as a dog can get, and synonymous with the Australian cattle industry, the Blue Heeler aka “Australian Cattle Dog” is one of the most intelligent, curious, energetic, cheeky, protective, loving, loyal, resilient, tenacious, healthy, sociable and trainable canine friends you will find anywhere. Bred from English shepherds with a touch of Australian dingo, and most comfortable in a large ranch setting. They have very few biological faults and live around 15 years. With the amount of energy they have, bred to herd cattle, you’ll want to ensure they get a lot of social exercise which they thrive on. While they are very playful, you’ll not find a more devoted worker. They are loved across Australia and the United States.

While the breed is famous in its own right, in 2018 a family in Brisbane, Queensland (where I live), developed a children’s animated series called “Bluey” about a family of Blue Heelers. It’s not just for children. I love it too. It began on Australia’s ABC and is now on Disney Junior, making it accessible to a wide audience. Bluey has taken this breed’s fame to a new level. It is now the highest-ranking show in ABC history. The shows are short, sweet, very Aussie in flavor, and always pass on a kind message about family values in such an intelligent, humorous, charming, and uniquely-Australian way, reflecting not only the beauty of the breed but also of Australia, and the strength and beauty of healthy family ties. Hard not to love that.